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Fernox F3 Superconcentrate Central Heating Cleaner - 290Ml
Model: 56701
Brand: Fernox
Fernox Superconcentrate Central Heating Cleaner F3 is a quick and effective neutral cleanser for cen..
H+1 Central Heating Inhibitor 0.5 Litre
Model: AQ220
Brand: Other
Internal protection for central heating systems. Inhibits limescale and corrosion.   For ..
Hydrocare H+2 Cleanser - 1 Litre
Model: AQ235
Brand: Other
Removes slude, limescale and also flux residue from heating systems, helping to retore efficiency. ..
Sentinel X100 Central Heating Scale Inhibitor 1Ltr
Model: COX100
Brand: Sentinel
General purpose treatment for total protection against scale and corrosion. For use in all types of ..
Sentinel X300 System Cleaner 1Ltr
Model: COX300
Brand: Sentinel
Flushes out flux and installation debris from indirect central heating systems up to 6 months old. A..
Sentinel X400 Central Heating Sludge Remover
Model: COX400
Brand: Sentinel
Apply to existing systems for the removal of sludge and deposits. Iron oxide is broken down and disp..
Sentinel X800 Heavy Duty Sludge Remover 1Ltr
Model: COX800
Brand: Sentinel
A powerful cleaning agent for central heating systems. Specially developed for use with power flushi..
Altecnic Dirtmag iQ Dirt Separator & Magnetic Filter 22mm
Model: DIRTMAG22
Brand: Other
The UK’s first triple action dirt and air separator to feature a revolutionary external magnet is ..
£69.99 £59.99
Altecnic 22mm Dirtmag Compliance Pack Cleaner & Inhibitor
This pack includes the cleaner and inhibitor. The inhibitor protects the system while the cle..
Altecnic Dirtmag iQ Dirt Separator & Magnetic Filter 28mm
Model: DIRTMAG28
Brand: Other
  The UK’s first triple action dirt and air separator to feature a revolutionary external ..
Altecnic 28mm Dirtmag Compliance Pack Cleaner & Inhibitor
Brand: Other
This 28mm pack includes the cleaner and inhibitor. The inhibitor protects the system while the ..
Sentinel Eliminator Quadra-Cyclone Magnetic Filter 22mm
Brand: Sentinel
Hydrocyclone filter to capture all types of circulating debris ​Sentinel Eliminator® is the..
Fernox F1 Central Heating System Protector / Inhibitor - 500Ml
Model: FEF1
Brand: Fernox
  Fernox Protector F1 gives long term protection of domestic central heating systems against..
Fernox F1 Express Protector - 265Ml
Model: FEF1X
Brand: Fernox
  Fernox Central Heating Protector F1 Express:   Fernox F1 Express Central Heatin..
Fernox F3 Central Heating System Cleaner - 500Ml
Model: FEF3
Brand: Fernox
Cleaner F3 Universal Cleanser is a quick and effective neutral cleanser for central heating systems...
Fernox F4 Express Leak Sealer - 265 Ml
Model: FEF4X
Brand: Fernox
Fernox F4 Express Central Heating Leak Sealer at Boiler Parts Center is part of the Fernox central h..
Fernox F5 Express Cleaner 280Ml
Model: FEF5X
Brand: Fernox
Fernox F5 Express Cleaner   Fernox F5 Express is a no mess, no hassle aerosol product whi..
Tower Leak Sealer Triple X System - 500ml Concentrate
Model: FX50
Brand: Other
- For internal use on heating systems. - Repairs small leaks and weeping. - Ideal for areas ..
IntaKlean 2 22mm Central Heating Magnetic Water Filter
Model: intaKlean 2
IntaKlean 2 Triple Action Magnetic System Filter The intaKlean 2 triple action magnetic central h..
Magnaclean 22mm Magnetic Water Filter
Model: MAG22
Brand: Other
Proven technology to guarantee central heating system protection MagnaClean® Professional sets an..
Magnaclean Professional 2 Filter (Adey Magnaclean: 22mm Black)
Model: MAG22PRO2
Brand: Other
Rapid in-line installation providing exceptional central heating protection MagnaClean® Profess..
MAGFLO Magnetic Filter 22mm
Model: MAGFLO22
Brand: Other
● Works as a dual filter to maximise the life expectancy of your boiler whilst maintaining fuel ..
Fernox Total Filter Tf1 Magnetic Filter
Model: TF122
Brand: Fernox
Fernox TF1 - Fernox TF1 Total Filter Magnetic Filter - Fernox Central Heating Water Magnetic Filter ..
Fernox Compact Tf1 Magnetic Filter
Model: TF122C
Brand: Fernox
The Fernox TF1 Total Filter is a revolutionary in-line filter, which combines hydrocyclonic action w..
Sentinel X100 Rapid Dose Inhibitor
Model: X100RD
Brand: Sentinel
Sentinel X100 Rapid-Dose Inhibitor at Boiler Parts Center is the brand new system designed to make t..
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