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My boiler valve was fitted and working quicker than British Gas could come up wi..


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Ordered the Air Pressure Switch Halstead Honeywell C6065A1002 - 500571 for my do..


Potterton gas valve

Excellent service from Boiler Parts Centre. Part ordered before 2pm and arrived ..

Keith Griffin

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I ordered the part and received after a cople of days. Also the price seemed rea..

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Sime Ignition Module

Parts arrived very quickly with 24hrs but after receiving a quote on the web sit..

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Original Gianonni Diverter Valve - Ariston - Type E 560166
Model: ARDV120
Brand: Ariston
Diverter Valve For: Ariston Styx Ariston Challenger 80E Ariston Dia 20 Mffi Ariston Dia ..
ARISTON Microswitch Guide Bush / Gland
Model: ARDV424
Brand: Ariston
Gland For Ariston 998069 DIVERTOR VALVE    ..
Ariston  Diverter Valve Motor / Actuator  - Microgenus MFFI He - 997147
Model: ARDV550
Brand: Ariston
  Part No: 997147 3 Way Valve Motor / Actuator For:   Ariston Microgenus 2..
Ariston 998616 Expansion Vessel
Model: AREV8616
Brand: Ariston
  Product Information: An expansion tank or expansion vessel is a small tank used to protec..
ARISTON Heat Exchanger 571646 - 998483  ( 14 Plate )
Model: ARHE350
Brand: Ariston
Part No: 571646 - 998483 ​ Ariston Heat Exchanger For:  ARISTON EUROCOMBI A23 ..
Heat Exchanger ARISTON MICROGENUS 23 MFFI   571646
Model: ARHE355
Brand: Ariston
573603 Diverter Valve Diaphragm Repair Kit Ariston
Model: ARRK410
Brand: Ariston
Part No.: 573603 Original Giannoni Diverter Valve Repair Kit: Will Repair The Diverter Valve..
Repair Kit For Ariston 998069 Diverter Valve Eurocombi / Genus
Model: ARRK509
Brand: Ariston
Repair Kit for Part No :    998069  REPAIR KIT Fits the following boilers:- ..
Repair Kit For Ariston 573121 - 998069
Model: ARRK510
Brand: Ariston
Part No:  573121  / 998069 REPAIR KIT Fits the following boilers:-  ..
Repair Kit For Ariston 997148
Model: ARRK511
Brand: Ariston
PART NO : 997148 REPAIR KIT Fits the following boilers:- Ariston    G..
Repair Kit For ARISTON 65105060 FLOW GROUP 998613
Model: ARRK512
Brand: Ariston
PART NO :  65105060 - 998613 REPAIR KIT Fits the following boilers:- Ariston ..
571444 Service Gland For Ariston Return Block 998072
Model: ARRK515
Brand: Ariston
PART NO : 571444 for 998072 DHW Actuator Kit the following boilers:- ARISTON Euroc..
Gas Valve For 570732  Ariston Sx 20 MFFI Ce_1
Model: ARSI478A
Brand: Ariston
Part No: 570732  Sit Code :  0.837.013 Gas Valve For: Ariston   AR..
65100516 Sit Gas Valve For Ariston Genus Intesa
Model: ARSI527
Brand: Ariston
Sit  Code: 0.845.057 Ariston Part Number: 65100516  S.I.T Gas Valve For: Ariston..
569292 PRV For Ariston Eurocombi SX20, STYX SX20
Model: ARSV130
Brand: Ariston
Part No: 569292 Pressure Relief Valve For:  This 569292 Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) fits th..
Thermister For  Ariston 569236
Model: ARTS110
Brand: Ariston
PART NO: 998458 -  Superceded 569236 Thermister Sensor For the Following Ariston Applia..
Ariston Flow Sensor Reader 65104323
Model: CHFS4323
Brand: Ariston
Part No.   This Part Fits The Following Appliances: Man..
571446 Diaphragm Ariston 78mm
Model: CHMB410
Brand: Ariston
Part No:   571446 ( Only Diaphragm part- without spindle) Diaphragm For: ..
Ariston Microgenus PCB 65103422 65102571
Model: PC800
Brand: Ariston
Microgenus 24MFFI HE (NG), Microgenus 28MFFI HE (NG), Microgenus 32MFFI HE (NG), Microgenus 11 Sy..
Repair Kit For Ariston 998799
Model: RK513
Brand: Ariston
PART NO : 998799 REPAIR KIT Fits the following boilers:- Ariston 998799 ..
Sit 0.845.061 Ariston Gas Valve  65102047
Model: SI530
Brand: Ariston
S.I.T Gas Valve For: Ariston Eurocombi A23 Mffi Ariston Eurocombi A27 Mffi Ariston Ge..
Safety Valve  Ariston Aco 573172
Model: SV400
Brand: Ariston
PART NO.: 573172 Pressure Relief Valve For: Ariston Aco Ariston Ecogenus Ariston Eu..
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