Ideal Isar PCB Primary Control Kit V9 174486

Ideal  Isar Pcb Primary Control Kit V9 174486 by boilerpartscenter
Brand: Ideal
Product Code: PC670
Manufacturer's Part No : 174486
Superceded Part No : 173534
Part EC Number :
Availability: In Stock
Price: £170.40

Ideal Isar PCB Primary Control Kit V9 174486

Common Problems on the Ideal Isar boilers:

No Display : Check fuses & power to the pcb. Notice a distortion in the plastic case of the pcb - tends to melt slightly due to heat.

90% of the times it's the pcb that causes this.

If unsure check with your engineer

Part No. 174486 + 173534
This Part Fits The Following Appliances:
Manufacturer Boiler Model Boiler GC No.
Ideal Elise He15  
Ideal Elise He24  
Ideal Esprit 2 - 24HE  
Ideal Esprit 2 - 30HE  
Ideal Esprit 2 - 35HE  
Ideal Esprit He24  
Ideal Esprit He30  
Ideal Esprit He35  
Ideal Evo HE C22/24 47-348-32
Ideal Evo HE C22/30 47-348-33
Ideal Evo HE C22/35 47-348-34
Ideal Icos HE12 41-397-95
Ideal Icos HE15 41-397-83
Ideal Icos HE18 41-397-84
Ideal Icos HE24 41-397-85
Ideal Icos HE30  
Ideal Icos HE36  
Ideal Icos System HE15  
Ideal Icos System HE24 41-397-82
Ideal Isar HE24D25D2542:D2550 47-348-31
Ideal Isar HE30 47-348-30
Ideal Isar HE35 47-348-29
Ideal Isar Plus Programmer HE24 47-348-43
Ideal Isar Plus Programmer HE30 47-348-44
Ideal Isar Plus Programmer HE35 47-348-45
Ideal Istor HE260  
Ideal Istor HE325  
Ideal Mexico HE15  
Ideal Mexico HE18  
Ideal Mexico HE24  
Ideal Mexico HE30  
Ideal Mexico HE36  
Always refer to manufacturer's instructions.
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Heating Spares
Part Type Printed Circuit Boards

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