Heatline Heating Flow Isolation Valve D002160280-1 Red Handle

Heatline Isolation Valve Individual Valve  D002160280  by boilerpartscenter
Brand: Heatline
Product Code: HEVA01
Manufacturer's Part No : D002160280-2
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Heatline Heating Flow Isolation Valve D002160280-1 Red Handle

(This Is An Individual Heating Flow Valve Only, Which Belongs to the Heatline Isolation Valve Kit Pack D002160280 )
(For the full Purchase of the Valve Kit Please Use Product Code HEVA0280 )

Part No. Flow Valve from D002160280
This Flow Valve Fits The Following Heatline Boilers:
Manufacturer Boiler Model Boiler GC No.
Heatline Capriz 25 47-157-12
Heatline Capriz 28 47-157-13
Heatline Capriz 32 Boiler  
Heatline Capriz 32S Boiler  
Heatline Compact C24 47-157-06
Heatline Compact C28 47-157-07
Heatline Compact S20S 41-157-01
Heatline Compact S24 Silver 47-157-02
Heatline Compact S24 White 47-157-02
Heatline Compact S24S 41-157-02
Heatline Compact S30 Silver 47-157-03
Heatline Compact S30 White 47-157-03
Heatline Compact S30S 41-157-03
Heatline Monza 24 47-157-21
Heatline Monza 28 47-157-22
Heatline Sargon 20S 41-157-12
Heatline Sargon 24 47-157-15
Heatline Sargon 24S 41-157-13
Heatline Sargon 30 47-157-16
Heatline Sargon 30S 41-157-14
Heatline Sargon 35 47-157-17
Heatline Solaris 24 Pc Premix 47-157-04
Heatline Solaris 24 Pcs System 41-157-06
Heatline Solaris 30 Pc Premix 47-157-05
Heatline Solaris 30 Pcs System 41-157-07
Heatline Soluxe 30 47-157-10
Heatline Soluxe 35 47-157-11
Heatline Vizo 24 47-157-08
Heatline Vizo 28 47-157-09
Heatline Vizo Plus 47-157-14
Always refer to manufacturer's instructions.
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