Great service

No problems great service and a good price! will use them again ..

jacl ormrod

Bosch Low Pressure Switch

Excellant price and speedy delivery. Very helpful in sorting out a mix up with d..

Russell Howard

Diverter value gen 80

Very good price and fast delivery plus the boiler is fixed for Christmas..


Boiler PCB

Great service and next day delivery, would use again...


Ravenheat CSI Primary Ignition electrode.

Bought this the day after my original order (Honeywell Ignition control board). ..

Dean Stevens
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Alpha Thermister  / Temperature Sensor  - CD25  - 1.021762
Model: ALTS131
Brand: Alpha
Part No: 1.021762  SUPERSEDED: 6.8434250 / 6.8433090A Thermister Sensor For: ..
Alpha Thermister Temperature Sensor 1.021762
Model: ALTS133
Brand: Alpha
This Part Fits the following appliances: Manufacturer Appliance Model G..
Thermister For  Ariston 569236
Model: ARTS110
Brand: Ariston
PART NO: 998458 -  Superceded 569236 Thermister Sensor For the Following Ariston Applia..
Baxi Thermister / Temperature Sensor (Ntc) - Combi 80E - 5108265
Model: BATS131
Brand: Baxi
Part No: 5108265 SUPERSEDED: 248655 - 247394 - 248068 Thermister Sensor For: BA..
Baxi Thermister / Temperature Sensor (Ntc) - Combi 80E - 5108265
Model: BATS133
Brand: Baxi
  PART NO.: 5108265 SUPERSEDED: 248655 - 247394 - -248068 Baxi Thermister / Temperatur..
Baxi Temperature Sensor 5111387
Model: BATS1387
Brand: Main
Part No. 5111387 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: Ma..
Model: BATS221
Brand: Baxi
PART NO: 230204 Superseded: 9009228 T7335E2003 Thermister Sensor For: Baxi Solo 2 PF - Gu..
 Baxi Thermister Sensor 235840 910198
Model: BATS450
Brand: Baxi
Part Number: 235840 - 9101998   Part No. 235840 -9101998 T..
Thermister For Biasi BI1001117
Model: BITS110
Brand: Biasi
PART NO: BI1001117 Thermister Sensor For:     Biasi   &n..
 Chaffoteaux Thermister sensor 61000733
Model: CHTS450
Brand: Chaffoteaux
Part No. 61000733 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: M..
Glowworm 0020118638 Betacom 24C/30C DHW Thermister Sensor
Model: GLTS130
Brand: Glowworm
DHW Thermister Sensor for: Glowworm Betacom 24C Glowworm Betacom 30C Sime Part Number: 00..
 Halstead Best Wickes Thermister 500572
Model: HATS221
Brand: Halstead
Halstead Part No. 500572 T7335E2003 Thermister Sensor For: Halstead Best 30 Halstead Bes..
D003200031 Thermister Temperature Sensor for  Heatline  Boilers
Model: HETS130
Brand: Heatline
Thermister Sensor For: Heatline Capriz Heatline Compact Heatline Sargon Heatline Solaris..
Heatline Thermister / Temperature Sensor  - Capriz 25 - 3003200031
Model: HETS133
Brand: Heatline
Heatline Thermister / Temperature Sensor  For: Heatline Capriz 25 Heatline Capriz 28 ..
Ideal Esprit Icos/Isar Thermister 170996
Model: IDTS0996
Brand: Ideal
Part No. 170996 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: Man..
Thermister For Ideal 172496
Model: IDTS110
Brand: Ideal
PART NO:  172496 Thermister Sensor For:    IDEAL MINI C24 IDEAL MINI ..
Thermister For IDEAL 005001
Model: IDTS140
Brand: Ideal
PART NO :    005001  Thermister Sensor For:  IDEAL SPRINT RAPIDE RS..
004174 Ideal Sprint / RS75  Thermister sensor
Model: IDTS220
Brand: Ideal
 Thermister Sensor For: Ideal Sprint 80F Ideal Rs75 Myson Gemini PART NO.: 004174..
Myson Midas / Gemini Thermister -  T7335A2002
Model: MYTS220
Brand: Myson
 Thermister Sensor For: Myson Midas Myson Gemini PART NO.: T7335A2002 SUPERSEDED..
Potterton 230204 THERMOSTAT SENSOR
Model: POTS221
Brand: Potterton
Thermister Sensor For Potterton: Potterton Prima B 30B Potterton Prima B 40B Potterton P..
Ravenheat 0007SON11030/0 Flue Fuse
Model: RAFU10300
Brand: Ravenheat
Ravenheat Flue  Fuse   ..
Radiant Thermister / Temperature Sensor - 73507La
Model: RATS131
Brand: Radiant
Part No:  73507LA SUPERSEDED:  Thermister Sensor For: RADIANT ..
Sime 6231351 Thermister Temperature Sensor
Model: SITS130
Brand: Sime
Thermister Sensor For: Dewy 30/130 He Fs  Murelle Ev He 25/55  ..
Worcester Thermocouple Water Heater 87072020390
Model: TH0390
Brand: Worcester
Worcester thermocouple water heater Part No: 87072020390..
Worcester Thermocouple Q309A2747 87161423240
Model: TH3240
Brand: Worcester
WORCESTER THERMOCOUPLE Q309A2747 Part No: 87161423240..
Worcester Central Heating Sensor 7100136
Model: TS0136
Brand: Worcester
Worcester Temperature Sensor 87145000290
Model: TS0290
Brand: Worcester
Worcester Temperature Sensor 87145000540
Model: TS0540
Brand: Worcester
Worcester DHW Temp Sensor 87145000810
Model: TS0810
Brand: Worcester
Worcester Temperature Sensor 87145000870
Model: TS0870
Brand: Worcester
WORCESTER Temperature Sensor 87145000870..
Thermisters Potterton Combi 10/18761  430011
Model: TS105
Brand: Potterton
Thermister Sensor For: Potterton Combi Potterton Lynx Potterton Puma ..
Biasi Thermister Push Fit  Ki1042501  Kg1042501
Model: TS113
Brand: Biasi
Fits the following boilers: BIASI 120ME  BIASI 120ME  ..
Vaillant Ntc Sensor 252805  25-2805
Model: TS115
Brand: Vaillant
Thermister Sensor For:   Vaillant COMBIcompact VCW: 240XT, 242E, 280XT, 282E, 240T, ..
Ferroli Optima, Hawk, Combi 77  39800310 800310
Model: TS120
Brand: Ferroli
Thermistor Sensor For: Ferroli Combi Ferroli Hawk Ferroli Hawk 2 Ferroli Optima ..
Thermister For Ferroli Domina, Falcon, Modena 39805620, 39805320
Model: TS125
Brand: Ferroli
Thermister Sensor For: Ferroli Domina Ferroli F24E Ferroli Falcon Ferroli Falcon 2 Fe..
Ravenheat Thermistor Ch & DHW Screw In Type 0007Ter05005/0
Model: TS128
Brand: Ravenheat
Part No. 0007TER05005/0 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: ..
Thermister Vokera, Sabre, Procombi  10027351
Model: TS129
Brand: Vokera
Vokera Thermister suitable for: Vokera Compact 25HE   Vokera Compact 29HE Vokera Co..
Thermister For Vokera Compact, Excell, Sabre  20004978, 10027352
Model: TS132
Brand: Vokera
NTC Thermister temperature sensor for:   Vokera Compact 24 - 28 Vokera Compact 25HE -2..
Halstead Ace,Ace High Thermister 500590
Model: TS134
Brand: Halstead
Part No. 500590 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: Man..
Vokera Ntc Thermister Temperature Sensor Excell 80, 96  7236
Model: TS135
Brand: Vokera
Thermister Sensor For: Vokera Excell 80E Vokera Excell 96E ..
Worcester Safety Sensor 7101564
Model: TS1564
Brand: Worcester
Worcester Sensor 7101578
Model: TS1578
Brand: Worcester
Saunier Duval Protherm Jaguar S5601400 2000800504 0020025233
Model: TS210
Brand: Glowworm
Thermister Sensor For: Saunier Duval Opalia Saunier Duval Sylva Saunier Duval Thelia Part N..
Worcester Thermistor Kit 87161423020
Model: TS3020
Brand: Worcester
WORCESTER Thermistor Kit 87161423020..
Worcester Thermistor Sensor 87161423190
Model: TS3190
Brand: Worcester
Worcester Central Heating Sensor (Pps 28CDi 87161423840
Model: TS3840
Brand: Worcester
WORCESTER CENTRAL HEATING SENSOR (PPS 28cdi 87161423840 Worcester 28CDi-RSF/NG Worcester 28CDi..
Thermisters Sari Gas F20A Sa01574
Model: TS410
Brand: Chaffoteaux
Sari Gas F20A SA01574 ..
Thermisters  Glowworm Compact Swiftflow 801006 2000801006
Model: TS465
Brand: Glowworm
Thermister Sensor For: Glowworm Compact 100PP Glowworm Compact 75PP Glowworm Compact ..
Thermisters Compatible Sensors
Model: TS470
Brand: Other
Compatible Sensors ..
Thermisters  Gloworm Compact / Swiftflow 125         801005
Model: TS475
Brand: Glowworm
Thermister Sensor For: Glowworm Compact 100 Sealed System Glowworm Compact 100E Glowworm Com..
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