First class thankyou

Again very pleased with service..

Antony szakal

Boiler filling loop

Was cheaper than I was quoted in some shops and other places on the internet (in..


I'm just writing to thankyou for your assistance

I'm just writing to thankyou for your assistance when I phoned today. Ravenheat ..

Nigel Ashley

Boiler part

I ordered the part and received after a cople of days. Also the price seemed rea..

Tony White

pcb and heat exchanger

1st class service and price half manufacturer's quote many thanks for top servic..

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Alpha Thermister  / Temperature Sensor  - CD25  - 1.021762
Model: ALTS131
Brand: Alpha
Part No: 1.021762  SUPERSEDED: 6.8434250 / 6.8433090A Thermister Sensor For: ..
xxxAlpha Thermister Temperature Sensor 1.021762
Model: ALTS133
Brand: Alpha
This Part Fits the following appliances: Manufacturer Appliance Model G..
Thermister For  Ariston 569236
Model: ARTS110
Brand: Ariston
PART NO: 998458 -  Superceded 569236 Thermister Sensor For the Following Ariston Applia..
Baxi Thermister / Temperature Sensor (Ntc) - Combi 80E - 5108265
Model: BATS131
Brand: Baxi
Part No: 5108265 SUPERSEDED: 248655 - 247394 - 248068 Thermister Sensor For: BA..
Baxi Thermister / Temperature Sensor (Ntc) - Combi 80E - 5108265
Model: BATS133
Brand: Baxi
  PART NO.: 5108265 SUPERSEDED: 248655 - 247394 - -248068 Baxi Thermister / Temperatur..
Baxi Temperature Sensor 5111387
Model: BATS1387
Brand: Main
Part No. 5111387 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: Ma..
Model: BATS221
Brand: Baxi
PART NO: 230204 Superseded: 9009228 T7335E2003 Thermister Sensor For: Baxi Solo 2 PF - Gu..
Baxi Thermister Sensor 235840 910198
Model: BATS450
Brand: Baxi
Part Number: 235840 - 9101998   Part No. 235840 -9101998 T..
Thermister For Biasi BI1001117
Model: BITS110
Brand: Biasi
PART NO: BI1001117 Thermister Sensor For:     Biasi   &n..
Chaffoteaux Thermister sensor 61000733
Model: CHTS450
Brand: Chaffoteaux
Part No. 61000733 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: M..
Glowworm 0020118638 Betacom 24C/30C DHW Thermister Sensor
Model: GLTS130
Brand: Glowworm
DHW Thermister Sensor for: Glowworm Betacom 24C Glowworm Betacom 30C Sime Part Number: 00..
Glowworm S5739800 Temperature Sensor
Model: GLTS9800
Brand: Glowworm
Part No. S5739800 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: M..
Halstead Best Wickes Thermister 500572
Model: HATS221
Brand: Halstead
Halstead Part No. 500572 T7335E2003 Thermister Sensor For: Halstead Best 30 Halstead Bes..
D003200031 Thermister Temperature Sensor for  Heatline  Boilers
Model: HETS130
Brand: Heatline
Thermister Sensor For: Heatline Capriz Heatline Compact Heatline Sargon Heatline Solaris..
Heatline Thermister / Temperature Sensor  - Capriz 25 - 3003200031
Model: HETS133
Brand: Heatline
Heatline Thermister / Temperature Sensor  For: Heatline Capriz 25 Heatline Capriz 28 ..
Model: HETS6681
Brand: Heatline
Part No. 0020126681 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: ..
Ideal Esprit Icos/Isar Thermister 170996
Model: IDTS0996
Brand: Ideal
Part No. 170996 This Thermister Fits The Following Boilers: ..
Thermister For Ideal 172496
Model: IDTS110
Brand: Ideal
PART NO:  172496 Thermister Sensor For:    IDEAL MINI C24 IDEAL MINI ..
Thermister For IDEAL 005001
Model: IDTS140
Brand: Ideal
PART NO :    005001  Thermister Sensor For:  IDEAL SPRINT RAPIDE RS..
004174 Ideal Sprint / RS75  Thermister sensor
Model: IDTS220
Brand: Ideal
 Thermister Sensor For: Ideal Sprint 80F Ideal Rs75 Myson Gemini PART NO.: 004174..
Myson Midas / Gemini Thermister -  T7335A2002
Model: MYTS220
Brand: Myson
 Thermister Sensor For: Myson Midas Myson Gemini PART NO.: T7335A2002 SUPERSEDED..
Potterton 230204 THERMOSTAT SENSOR
Model: POTS221
Brand: Potterton
Thermister Sensor For Potterton: Potterton Prima B 30B Potterton Prima B 40B Potterton P..
Ravenheat 0007SON11030/0 Flue Fuse
Model: RAFU10300
Brand: Ravenheat
Ravenheat Flue  Fuse   ..
Radiant Thermister / Temperature Sensor - 73507La
Model: RATS131
Brand: Radiant
Part No:  73507LA SUPERSEDED:  Thermister Sensor For: RADIANT ..
Sime 6231351 Thermister Temperature Sensor
Model: SITS130
Brand: Sime
Thermister Sensor For: Dewy 30/130 He Fs  Murelle Ev He 25/55  ..
Worcester Thermocouple Water Heater 87072020390
Model: TH0390
Brand: Worcester
Worcester thermocouple water heater Part No: 87072020390..
Worcester Central Heating Sensor 7100136
Model: TS0136
Brand: Worcester
Worcester Temperature Sensor 87145000290
Model: TS0290
Brand: Worcester
Worcester Temperature Sensor 87145000540
Model: TS0540
Brand: Worcester
Worcester DHW Temp Sensor 87145000810
Model: TS0810
Brand: Worcester
Worcester Temperature Sensor 87145000870
Model: TS0870
Brand: Worcester
WORCESTER Temperature Sensor 87145000870..
Thermisters Potterton Combi 10/18761  430011
Model: TS105
Brand: Potterton
Thermister Sensor For: Potterton Combi Potterton Lynx Potterton Puma ..
Biasi Thermister Push Fit  Ki1042501  Kg1042501
Model: TS113
Brand: Biasi
Fits the following boilers: BIASI 120ME  BIASI 120ME  ..
Vaillant Ntc Sensor 252805  25-2805
Model: TS115
Brand: Vaillant
Thermister Sensor Compatible For:   Vaillant COMBIcompact VCW: 240XT, 242E, 280XT, 282E, ..
Ferroli Optima, Hawk, Combi 77  39800310 800310
Model: TS120
Brand: Ferroli
Thermistor Sensor For: Ferroli Combi Ferroli Hawk Ferroli Hawk 2 Ferroli Optima ..
Thermister For Ferroli Domina, Falcon, Modena 39805620, 39805320
Model: TS125
Brand: Ferroli
Thermister Sensor For: Ferroli Domina Ferroli F24E Ferroli Falcon Ferroli Falcon 2 Fe..
Ravenheat Thermistor Ch & DHW Screw In Type 0007Ter05005/0
Model: TS128
Brand: Ravenheat
Part No. 0007TER05005/0 This Thermister Fits The Following Boilers: ..
Thermister Vokera, Sabre, Procombi  10027351
Model: TS129
Brand: Vokera
Vokera Thermister suitable for: Vokera Compact 25HE   Vokera Compact 29HE Vokera Co..
Thermister For Vokera Compact, Excell, Sabre  20004978, 10027352
Model: TS132
Brand: Vokera
NTC Thermister temperature sensor for:   Vokera Compact 24 - 28 Vokera Compact 25HE -2..
Halstead Ace,Ace High Thermister 500590
Model: TS134
Brand: Halstead
Part No. 500590 This Thermister Fits The Following Boilers: ..
Vokera Ntc Thermister Temperature Sensor Excell 80, 96  7236
Model: TS135
Brand: Vokera
Thermister Sensor For: Vokera Excell 80E Vokera Excell 96E ..
Worcester Safety Sensor 7101564
Model: TS1564
Brand: Worcester
Worcester Sensor 7101578
Model: TS1578
Brand: Worcester
Heatline Flue Sensor Screw Type D003201949 was 3003201949
Model: TS1949
Brand: Heatline
Part No. D003201949 Superceded Number 3003201949 This Fl..
Saunier Duval Protherm Jaguar S5601400 2000800504 0020025233
Model: TS210
Brand: Glowworm
Thermister Sensor For: Saunier Duval Opalia Saunier Duval Sylva Saunier Duval Thelia Part N..
Worcester Thermistor Kit 87161423020
Model: TS3020
Brand: Worcester
WORCESTER Thermistor Kit 87161423020..
Worcester Thermistor Sensor 87161423190
Model: TS3190
Brand: Worcester
Worcester Central Heating Sensor (Pps 28CDi 87161423840
Model: TS3840
Brand: Worcester
WORCESTER CENTRAL HEATING SENSOR (PPS 28cdi 87161423840 Worcester 28CDi-RSF/NG Worcester 28CDi..
Thermisters Sari Gas F20A Sa01574
Model: TS410
Brand: Chaffoteaux
Sari Gas F20A SA01574 ..
Thermisters  Glowworm Compact Swiftflow 801006 2000801006
Model: TS465
Brand: Glowworm
Thermister Sensor For: Glowworm Compact 100PP Glowworm Compact 75PP Glowworm Compact ..
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