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Hi just wanted you to know how amazed I was with the service you provided. I or..

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Fans/Fan Repair Kits

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Baxi Fan Centrifugal 325V DC 720011701
Model: BAFA1701
Brand: Baxi
Original Baxi Fan Assembly For: BAXI Baxi 100/2HE Baxi 100HE Baxi 50/2 HE Plus Baxi 80..
Fan Baxi Combi 105E 248001 248002
Model: BAFA570
Brand: Baxi
PART NO.: 248001 - 248002 FAN ASSEMBLY FOR: Baxi Combi 80, 105E Baxi Combi Instant 80, 10..
Baxi Combi  105E Fan 248002
Model: BAFA571
Brand: Baxi
PART NO.: 248002 FAN ASSEMBLY FOR: BAXI Baxi Combi  105E Baxi Combi Instant 105E ..
Worcester Greenstar Fan 87161160670
Model: FA0670
Brand: Worcester
Original Worcester Fan Fits:  BRITISH GAS 430i RSF BOILER - LPG   ..
Fan Potterton Netaheat Fan 409568  (Compatible)
Model: FA110
Brand: Potterton
Fan Assembly For: Potterton Netaheat 10/16 Potterton Netaheat 16/22 Potterton Netaheat 6/10..
Alpha Fan  CD13 Range  - 1.029719 - 1.016623
Model: FA111
Brand: Alpha
Part No: 1.029719 - 1.016623 Alpha Fan Assembly  For:  ORIGINAL  AL..
Ferroli Maxima 35C 35S 25C 39809450 800162
Model: FA116
Brand: Ferroli
  Fan Assembly for: Ferroli Maxima 35C Ferroli Maxima 35S Ferroli Optimax 25C ..
Vokera Fan Unica 28He 32He 36He & Mynute He 10028456
Model: FA123
Brand: Vokera
Vokera Unica and Mynute Fan 10028456 Fits: Vokera Mynute 12 VHE Vokera Mynute 15 VHE Voker..
Fan Potterton Profile Fan 409583  (Compatible)
Model: FA125
Brand: Potterton
Fan Assembly For: Potterton Profile 40E Potterton Profile 40EL Potterton Profile 50E Pot..
Fan Potterton Profile 80 (Compatible) 409569
Model: FA126
Brand: Potterton
Fan Assembly For: Potterton FF75 Potterton Profile 80E Potterton Profile 80EL Potterton ..
Fan Radiant 37008  37008La
Model: FA135
Brand: Radiant
Fan Assembly For: Radiant  Original Fan Without Venturies ..
Fan Glowworm Fuelsaver 202004
Model: FA140
Brand: Glowworm
Fan Assembly For: Glowworm Economy 30F, 40F, 50F Glowworm Fuelsaver 35F, 45F, 55F, 65F Non ..
Fan Saunier Duval 623 51506 57059 56036
Model: FA145
Brand: Saunier Duval
Fan Assembly For: Saunier Duval Combitek Saunier Duval Thelia Saunier Duval Thema Saunie..
Ideal 171461 Classic Fan SE 9FF 12FF 15FF 18FF 21FF 24FF
Model: FA1461
Brand: Ideal
Fan Compatible with the following boilers Ideal Part Number 171461   ..
Vaillant 193593 Fan for Eco Tec Plus and Pro - Genuine
Model: FA148
Brand: Vaillant
Original Vaillant Fan Assembly For: Vaillant Ecotec Plus Vaillant Ecotec Pro   Table Be..
Vaillant Fan Turbomax, Thermocompact Fan 0020020008  190272
Model: FA149
Brand: Vaillant
Available as an Original Vaillant part or Aftermarket compatible part. Please choose option required..
Vaillant Combicompact Thermocompact Fan 190122 190119
Model: FA150
Brand: Vaillant
Fan Vaillant Turbomax Plus 190215
Model: FA151
Brand: Vaillant
Part No. 190215 This Fan Fits The Following Vaillant Boilers: ..
Fan Ferroli F30 Modena 102 F24 39805890 39868880
Model: FA152
Brand: Ferroli
Fan Assembly For: Ferroli Domina Ferroli F24E Ferroli Falcon 2 Ferroli Modena Ferroli..
Venturies Ferroli
Model: FA153
Brand: Ferroli
Fan Venturies For: Ferroli ..
Fan Vaillant Turbomax Vuw 190162
Model: FA154
Brand: Vaillant
Fan Assembly For: Vaillant Turbomax Vuw Vaillant Thermocompact Vu Side Attachment Plate Need To Be R..
Fan Multifit 452316432828
Model: FA155
Brand: Other
Fan Repair Kit For: Thorn Apollo (4525468) Glowworm Express 80 (432828) Glowworm Swiftflow ..
Glowworm Betacom 24C 30C Fan 0020061578
Model: FA1578
Brand: Glowworm
This part is suitable for: Glowworm Betacom 24C Glowworm Betacom 30C PART NO.: 00200615..
Ravenheat Fan Littlestar LS80  Whitestar Silverstar 24T 29T 0012VEN09005/0
Model: FA159
Brand: Ravenheat
Part No. 0012VEN09005/0 This Fan Fits The Following Ravenheat Boilers: ..
Fan Ravenheat Rsf 820 / 20 82Et 5021305
Model: FA160
Brand: Ravenheat
Part No. 5021305 This Fan Fits The Following Boilers: Manufa..
Fan Ravenheat Csi 20/20 25/20 25/25 -  0012Ven03005/0  0012Ven03005/1
Model: FA161
Brand: Ravenheat
Part No. 0012VEN03005/0 This Fan Fits The Following Ravenheat Boilers: ..
Alpha Fan Assembly Fits  240E 280E 240XE 500E - 1.022593
Model: FA162
Brand: Alpha
Part No: 1.022593 Fan Assembly For:   Alpha Alpha  Twin Speed  This Part..
Alpha CB Fan Assembly 1.017998
Model: FA163
Brand: Alpha
Part No. 1.017998 This Fan Fits The Following Alpha Boilers: ..
61009106 Fan For Chaffoteaux Britony Celtic Challenger Sterling
Model: FA170
Brand: Chaffoteaux
Part No. 61009106 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: M..
Fan Baxi Solo 2 30-60 Fan 229421
Model: FA180
Brand: Baxi
  PART NO.: 229421 - 230153BAX  - 9009226  - 9101460 NON ORIGINAL FAN ASSEMB..
Fan Baxi Solo 3 246051
Model: FA182
Brand: Baxi
Fan Rhs Fan 60X60 20 - 24Kw
Model: FA190
Brand: Other
Fan Assembly: Multifit Right Hand Spin 20-24Kw Square Outlet (60 X 60) 30-34 Kw Fan Supplied O..
Worcester Fan 87161091910
Model: FA1910
Brand: Worcester
Worcester Fan Assembly 87161211920
Model: FA1920
Brand: Worcester
WORCESTER FAN ASSEMBLY 87161211920 This part fits the following appliances:   ..
Fan Right Hand Fan Round Out Let 20 - 24Kw
Model: FA195
Brand: Other
Fan Assembly: Will Fit Many Fans Spining In Right Hand Direction With Round Outlet. 30-34 Kw F..
Fan Lhs Fan Square Outlet 60X60  20 - 24 Kw
Model: FA200
Brand: Other
Fan Assembly: Will Replace Many Fans With Similar Body Square Outlet ( 60 X 60 ) 30-34 Kw Fan ..
Worcester Impeller For Fan 87161412200
Model: FA2200
Brand: Worcester
WORCESTER IMPELLER FOR FAN 87161412200 This part will fit the following appliances:   ..
Fan Repair Kit Universal Fan Repair Kit Lhs 20 - 2
Model: FA300
Brand: Other
Universal Repair Kit Lhs 20-24Kw ..
Fan Repair Kit Universal Fan Repair Kit Rhs 20 - 2
Model: FA301
Brand: Other
Universal Fan Repair Kit Rhs 20-24Kw ..
Worcester Fan Assembly Greenstar He / Plus 87172043250
Model: FA3250
Brand: Worcester
WORCESTER FAN ASSEMBLY GREENSTAR HE / PLUS 87172043250 This part will fitthe following appliances..
Vokera 25,29,35 Compact, Sabre, Syntesi Fan 10024035
Model: FA4035
Brand: Vokera
Vokera 25,29,35 Compact, Sabre, Syntesi Fan 10024035 Fits:   COMPACT 25 HE ..
Worcester Fan Assembly 87161464650
Model: FA4650
Brand: Worcester
WORCESTER Fan Assembly 87161464650 This part fits the following appliances:   ..
Worcester Greenstar He Fan Assy 87161164740
Model: FA4740
Brand: Worcester
WORCESTER Greenstar HE Fan Assy 87161164740 This part fits the following appliances:   ..
Fan  Bi1016109 Biasi
Model: FA500
Brand: Biasi
Fan Assembly For: Biasi 28S Biasi Prisma 28Se Biasi Savio Gaia 428S ..
Fan Biasi Bi1016108 24S
Model: FA505
Brand: Biasi
Fan Assembly For: Biasi 24S Biasi Prisma 24SR Biasi Gaia 424S Biasi 24SER Biasi 24SE ..
Worcester Fan Assembly 25Si 28Si 87161215460
Model: FA5460
Brand: Worcester
This Part Fits the following appliances: Manufacturer Appliance Model G..
Fan Sime Friendly Format Super 6225614  6225613
Model: FA552
Brand: Sime
Part No. 6225614 / 6225613 This Fan Fits The Following Sime Boilers: ..
Fan Sime 6225622
Model: FA554
Brand: Sime
Fan Assembly For: Sime Format C 100C Sime Format System 30 Original Fan ..
Fan Worcester 24CDi  87161214560
Model: FA560
Brand: Worcester
Fan Assembly For: Worcester 24Cdi Worcester 24Sbi ..
Fan Worcester 28CDi 87161202820
Model: FA565
Brand: Worcester
Compatible Fan Assembly For: Worcester 28 Cdi Will Replace 24 Cdi, 24I,240, 28I By Replacing A..
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