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Diverter Valves / Glands

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Brass Pressure Differential Assembly, Alpha Ocean 6.5629950
Model: ALDV250
Brand: Alpha
Part No. 6.5629950 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: ..
Alpha Gland For Diverter Valve
Model: ALDV422
Brand: Alpha
 Gland For: Alpha 240 P Alpha 240 E Alpha 240 X Alpha 280 P Alpha 280 E Al..
Alpha  1.028572 3-Way Diverter Valve Motor
Model: ALDV8572
Brand: Alpha
Part No. 1.028572 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: M..
Alpha 3 Way Motor Cartridge Assembly 3.020380
Model: ALRK0380
Brand: Alpha
Genuine Alpha Part   Part No. 3.020380 This Cartridge Fits The Fo..
3 Way Motor Cartridge Assembly Compatible with Alpha 3.020380
Model: ALRK0380C
Brand: Alpha
Compatible Part   Part No. 3.020380 This Cartridge Fits The Follo..
Original Gianonni Diverter Valve - Ariston - Type E 560166
Model: ARDV120
Brand: Ariston
Diverter Valve For: Ariston Styx Ariston Challenger 80E Ariston Dia 20 Mffi Ariston Dia ..
ARISTON Microswitch Guide Bush / Gland
Model: ARDV424
Brand: Ariston
Gland For Ariston 998069 DIVERTOR VALVE    ..
Ariston  Diverter Valve Motor / Actuator  - Microgenus MFFI He - 997147
Model: ARDV550
Brand: Ariston
  Part No: 997147 3 Way Valve Motor / Actuator For:   Ariston Microgenus 2..
Brass Pressure Differential Assembly Baxi, Main  248063
Model: BADV250
Brand: Baxi
Manifold  Complete With Diaphragam For:   Part No. 248063 Th..
Baxi Diverter Valve Combi 105HE 248062
Model: BADV331
Brand: Baxi
Part No. 248062 This Diverter Valve Fits The Following Appliances: ..
Baxi Diverter Valve Combi 105E 248061
Model: BADV335
Brand: Baxi
Part No.   This Part Fits The Following Appliances: Man..
Baxi Gland
Model: BADV422
Brand: Baxi
 Gland For: Baxi Combi HE 105 Baxi Combi Eco 80 Baxi Combi Faxflue 80 Baxi Combe e ..
Actuator Bush 998013 (Baxi)
Model: BADV440
Brand: Baxi
Actuator bush for numerous boilers Baxi ..
Model: BIDV1100
Brand: Biasi
This part also fits the following: Biasi Activ A Plus 25C  Biasi Activ A Plus 30C ..
BI1011119 Diverter Valve manifold
Model: BIDV200
Brand: Biasi
Diverter Valve Manifold For: Biasi 24S Biasi 28S Biasi Prisma 24Se Biasi Prisma 28Se B..
BI1011502 Biasi Microswitch Guide Bush / Gland BG1011502
Model: BIDV424
Brand: Biasi
Will Fit The Following Biasi Boilers: 24S, 24Sr, 28S ,Garda He M96 ,24Sm   ..
Actuator Bush 998013 (Biasi)
Model: BIDV440
Brand: Biasi
Actuator bush for the following boiler: Biasi ..
Diverter Valve Biasi Prisma 245 285/Se  Bi1011503
Model: BIDV650
Brand: Biasi
Part No. BI1011503 This Diverter Valve Fits The Following Appliances: ..
Heatline D003202916 Monza Outlet Pipe
Model: D003202916
Brand: Heatline
Part No. D003202916 This Filter Housing Fits The Following Appliances: ..
Heatline Diverter Actuator Motor D003200039
Model: DV0039
Brand: Heatline
Diverter Valve Actuator Motor For:      Heatline Heatline Vizo Heatline Compact..
Worcester 3-Way Valve 87170100620
Model: DV0620
Brand: Worcester
WORCESTER 3-WAY VALVE 87170100620 This part fits the following appliances:   M..
Diverter Valve Ravenheat - Type F 0002Val06005/0 0008Val06010/0 5012049
Model: DV130
Brand: Ravenheat
Original Gianonni diverter valve to fit the following boilers:   Ravenheat CSI 85 &nbs..
Worcester Diverter Valve Assembly V4044F1125 87161201310
Model: DV1310
Brand: Worcester
WORCESTER DIVERTER VALVE ASSEMBLY V4044F1125 87161201310 This part fits the following appliances:..
Worcester Diverter Valve Cartridge 87161051320
Model: DV1320
Brand: Worcester
WORCESTER DIVERTER VALVE CARTRIDGE 87161051320. This part fits the following appliances:   ..
Giannoni Diverter Valve For Alpha CB24 CB28  3.012752
Model: DV140
Brand: Alpha
Part No. 3.012752 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: M..
Diverter Valve For Ravenheat Little Star Ls80T  Ls100 0008Val09010/0
Model: DV145
Brand: Ravenheat
Part No. 0008VAL09010/0 This Diverter Valve Fits The Following Ravenheat..
Ravenheat Csi/He 120 150 Return Manifold 0011Gru11010/0
Model: DV150
Brand: Ravenheat
Diverter Valve (Return Manifold) For the following boilers: CSi 120 Low NOX Boiler CSi 150 Low..
Worcester Mid Position Divertor Valve 77161921950
Model: DV1950
Brand: Worcester
WORCESTER MID POSITION DIVERTOR VALVE 77161921950 This part fits the following appliances:  ..
Sime  Diverter Valve Friendly Format , Super, Original Giannoni 6102806
Model: DV210
Brand: Sime
Diverter Valve For: Sime Friendly Format 100E Sime Friendly Format 80 Sime Friendly Format ..
Diverter Valve Sime  Format C 80C C 100 - 6281504
Model: DV211
Brand: Sime
Part No. 6281504 This Diverter Head Fits The Following Sime Boilers: ..
Differential Valve  Potterton Performa Baxi 248734
Model: DV220
Brand: Potterton
PART NO : 248734 Differential Valve For: Baxi Combi Instant 105E Baxi Combi Instant 105He..
Ferroli Optimax He, He Plus Diverter Valve 39820441, 39820440
Model: DV300
Brand: Ferroli
Ferroli Optimax He, He Plus Diverter Valve Motor 39835390 Genuine
Model: DV301
Brand: Ferroli
Part No. 39835390  This Part Fits The Following Appliances: ..
Ferroli Optimax He Plus Diverter Valve Motor - Compatible -39835390
Model: DV301C
Brand: Ferroli
Part No. 39835390 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: M..
Diverter Valve Vaillant 01-1289  011289
Model: DV310
Brand: Vaillant
Diverter Valve For: Vaillant Turbomax Vuw 242/1 E Vaillant Turbomax Vuw 242E Vaillant Turbo..
Vaillant Diverter Valve 252457
Model: DV320
Brand: Vaillant
Diverter Valve Replacement Motor For Vaillant 140429
Model: DV322
Brand: Vaillant
Replacement Actuator Motor For The Diverter Valve: Vaillant Aquaplus Vui Vaillant Ecomax 824/2..
Vaillant Diverter Valve Ecotec Plus Range 178978 0020132682
Model: DV325
Brand: Vaillant
Part no. 0020132682  superceded 178978 Diverter Valve For:  Vaillant Ecote..
Vaillant  Ectoec Replacement Motor For 0020132682
Model: DV326
Brand: Vaillant
  Replacement Motor For Use On DIVERTER VALVE VAILLANT ECOTEC PLUS RANGE 824 002013268..
Vaillant Vcw Diverter Valve 012684  01-2684
Model: DV330
Brand: Vaillant
Vaillant Diverter Valve For the following Vaillant Boilers: VCW 221T   VCW 240T   VCW..
Diverter Valve Potterton Puma 80 80E 10/20351
Model: DV336
Brand: Potterton
Diverter Valve 10/20351 For: POTTERTON PUMA 80 POTTERTON PUMA 80E Superceded : 929651, &n..
Diverter  Three Way Diverter Valve Baxi Genesis 80 96 235838 9228192
Model: DV340
Brand: Baxi
  Baxi 3 Way Valve 6101000 Fits the following Baxi boilers:   Baxi Genesis 80 ..
Worcester Diverter Motor 87172043450
Model: DV3450
Brand: Worcester
Part No. 87172043450 This Diverter Motor Fits The Following Appliances: ..
Diverter Valve Protherm
Model: DV350
Brand: Protherm
Diverter Valve For: Protherm ..
Diverter Valve Kit 173624
Model: DV3624
Brand: Ideal
Fits Ideal Esprit 2-24 02-30 2-35 Evo HE C22/24 C22/30 C22/35 Isar HE24 HE30 HE35 Isar M30..
173967 Ideal Diverter Valve Cartridge Kit
Model: DV3967
Brand: Ideal
This Part Fits The Following Appliances: Ideal Domestic Evo HE C22/30 Ideal Isar HE 24 Ide..
Worcester 3 Port Actuator 87161083990
Model: DV3990
Brand: Worcester
Diverter Valve Motor Chaffoteaux
Model: DV400
Brand: Chaffoteaux
Compatible Replacement Diverter Motor for Chaffoteaux diverter valves. ..
61010000 Three Way Diverter Valve Chaffoteaux Britoney Combi 80 100
Model: DV401
Brand: Chaffoteaux
Part No. 61010000 This Diverter Valve Fits The Following Boilers: ..
Wax Capsule Potterton Puma 100 E 10/20351  929651
Model: DV410
Brand: Potterton
Wax Capsule Of The Diverter Valve For: Potterton Combi 100 Potterton Puma 100 E Potterto..
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