Alpha 1.023560 Expansion Vessel 8 Litre

Alpha 1.023560 Expansion Vessel 8 Litre by boilerpartscenter
Brand: Alpha
Product Code: EV3560
Manufacturer's Part No : 1.023560
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Alpha 1.023560 Expansion Vessel 8 Litre

Product Information:

An expansion tank or expansion vessel is a small tank used to protect closed (not open to atmospheric pressure) water heating systems and domestic hot water systems from excessive pressure. The tank is partially filled with air, whose compressibility cushions shock caused by water hammer and absorbs excess water pressure caused by thermal expansion.

This part is present 49 different boilers in the Alpha range including the Alpha CD12S, CD12S LPG, CD18S, CD18S LPG. 

At the bottom of the page is an appliance table with the links to all boilers that contain this part.

We recommend that all parts are fitted by a fully qualified gas safe certified technical. If you require any help locating a part, please feel free to contact us.


This Part Fits the following appliances:

Manufacturer Appliance Model GC Number
Alpha CD12S 41-532-16
Alpha CD12S LPG  
Alpha CD18S  
Alpha CD18S LPG  
Alpha CD20S 41-532-18
Alpha CD20S LPG  
Alpha CD24C 47-532-19
Alpha CD24C LPG  
Alpha CD24S 41-532-02
Alpha CD24S LPG  
Alpha CD25C 47-532-31
Alpha CD25C LPG  
Alpha CD25X 47-532-39
Alpha CD25X LPG  
Alpha CD28C 47-532-33
Alpha CD28C LPG  
Alpha CD28S 41-532-20
Alpha CD28S LPG  
Alpha CD28X 47-532-37
Alpha CD28X LPG  
Alpha CD30S 41-532-08
Alpha CD30S LPG  
Alpha CD32C 47-532-21
Alpha CD32C LPG  
Alpha CD35C 47-532-35
Alpha CD35C LPG  
Alpha C23 47-532-22
Alpha C23 LPG  
Alpha C27 47-532-23
Alpha C27 LPG  
Alpha CB24 47-532-15
Alpha CB24 LPG  
Alpha CB24X 47-532-14
Alpha CB24X LPG  
Alpha CB28 47-532-16
Alpha CB28 LPG  
Alpha CB28X 47-532-17
Alpha CB28X LPG  
Alpha HE CB25 47-532-25
Alpha HE CB25 LPG  
Alpha HE CB33 47-532-26
Alpha HE CB33 LPG  
Alpha HE SY25  
Alpha HE25 47-532-41
Alpha HE25 LPG 47-532-42
Alpha HE33 47-532-43
Alpha HE33 LPG 47-532-44
Alpha SY24  
Always refer to manufacturer's instructions.
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Part Type Expansion Vessels

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