BI1011103 Diaphragm 44mm Biasi

Brand: Biasi
Product Code: BIMB780
Manufacturer's Part No : BI1011103
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BI1011103 Diaphragm 44mm Biasi

PART NO : BI1011103
Diaphragm for:

Biasi Mvp Uk Biasi Garda M90F.24S
Biasi 20Se Biasi Garda M90F.28S
Biasi Prisma 28Se Biasi Garda M90F.32S
Biasi 24S 24S Biasi Garda M90F.24Sr
Biasi 28S Biasi Garda M90F.28Sr
Biasi Prisma 24Ser Biasi Riva Compact He M96.24Sm/C
Biasi 24Se Biasi Riva Compact He M96.28Sm/C
Biasi Prisma 24Se Biasi Riva Compact He M96.28Sr/C
Biasi Savio Gaia 424S Biasi Garda He M96.24Sm/B
Biasi Savio Gaia 428S Biasi Garda He M96.28Sm/B
Biasi Savio Gaia 424Sr Biasi Garda He M96.24Sm/D
Biasi Parva Se M90.24S Biasi Garda He M96.28Sm/D
Biasi Parva Se M90.28S Biasi Garda He Plus M110.24Sm/E
Biasi Parva Se M90.24Sr Biasi Garda He Plus M110.28Se/E
Biasi Parva Se M90.28Sr Biasi Riva Plus M90D.24S
Biasi Parva He M96.24Sm/P Biasi Riva Plus M90D.28S
Biasi Parva He M96.28Sm/P Biasi Riva Plus M90D.24Sr
Biasi Parva He M96.32Sm/P Biasi Riva Plus M90D.28Sr
Biasi Parva He M96.28Sr/P Biasi Riva Compact He M96.24Sm/C2
Biasi Parva He M96.32Sr/P Biasi Riva Compact He M96.28Sm/C2
Biasi Riva Compact M90E.24S Biasi Riva Compact He M96.32Sm/C2
Biasi Riva Compact M90E.28S Biasi Riva Compact He M96.28Sr/C2
Biasi Riva Compact M90E.32S Biasi Riva Compact He M96.24Sr/C2
Biasi Riva Advance He Iso M110B.24Sm Biasi Riva Compact He Mk2 M96A.24Sr/
Biasi Riva Advance He Iso M110B2Sm Biasi Riva Compact He Mk2 M96A.28Sr/

Size 45Mm


Always refer to manufacturer's instructions.
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Heating Spares
Part Type Diaphragms

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