Biasi BI1172113 Front Pump Gasket For Wilo Pumps

Biasi Pump head gasket for Wilo pumps
Brand: Biasi
Product Code: SI480
Manufacturer's Part No : BI1172113
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Biasi BI1172113 Front Pump Gasket For Wilo Pumps

Part No. BI1172113
This Gasket Fits The Following Boilers:
Manufacturer Boiler Model Boiler GC No.
Biasi ActivA 18S 41-583-11
Biasi ActivA 25C 47-583-21
Biasi ActivA 25S 41-583-12
Biasi ActivA 30C 47-583-22
Biasi ActivA 30S 41-583-13
Biasi ActivA 35C 47-583-23
Biasi Garda HE M96.24SM/B 47-970-25
Biasi Garda HE M96.24SM/B2 47-583-03
Biasi Garda HE Silver M96.24SM/D 47-970-27
Biasi Garda HE Silver M96.24SM/D2 47-583-03B
Biasi Garda HE M96.28SM/B 47-970-26
Biasi Garda HE M96.28SM/B2 47-583-04
Biasi Garda HE Silver M96.28SM/D 47-970-28
Biasi Garda HE Silver M96.28SM/D2 47-583-04B
Biasi Garda Plus HE M110.24SM/E 47-970-31
Biasi Garda Plus HE M110.32SM/E 47-970-32
Biasi Garda Plus HE M110B.24SM/E 47-583-13
Biasi Garda Plus HE M110B.32SM/E 47-583-14
Biasi Garda M90F.24S 47-970-19
Biasi Parva HE M96.24SM/P 47-583-08
Biasi Parva HE M96.28SM/P 47-583-09
Biasi Parva HE M96.28SR/P System 41-583-05
Biasi Parva HE M96.32SM/P 47-583-10
Biasi Parva HE M96.32SR/P System 41-583-06
Biasi Parva M90.24S 47-970-13
Biasi Parva M90.24SR Sytem 41-970-06
Biasi Parva M90.28S 47-970-14
Biasi Parva M90.28SR System 41-970-07
Biasi Riva Advance HE M110.24SM/C 47-970-29
Biasi Riva Advance HE M110.32SM/C 47-970-30
Biasi Riva Advance HE M110B.24SM/C 47-583-11
Biasi Riva Advance HE M110B.24SR/C System 41-583-07
Biasi Riva Advance HE M110B.32SM/C 47-583-12
Biasi Riva Compact HE M96.24SM/C 47-970-23
Biasi Riva Compact HE M96.24SM/C2 47-583-05
Biasi Riva Compact HE M96.24SR/C2  
Biasi Riva Compact HE M96.28SM/C 47-970-24
Biasi Riva Compact HE M96.28SM/C2 47-583-06
Biasi Riva Compact HE M96.28SR/C System 41-970-12
Biasi Riva Compact HE M96.28SR/C2 System 41-583-02
Biasi Riva Compact HE M96.32SM/C2 47-583-07
Biasi Riva Compact HE MK2 M96A.24SM/C 47-583-17
Biasi Riva Compact HE MK2 M96A.24SR/C System  
Biasi Riva Compact HE MK2 M96A.28SM/C 47-583-18
Biasi Riva Compact HE MK2 M96A.28SR/C System  
Biasi Riva Compact HE MK2 M96A.32SM/C 47-583-19
Biasi Riva Compact M90E.24S 47-970-17
Biasi Riva Compact M90E.28S 47-970-18
Biasi Riva Compact M90E.32S 47-970-21
Biasi Riva Plus M90D.24S 47-970-15
Biasi Riva Plus M90D.24SR System 41-970-08
Biasi Riva Plus M90D.28S 47-970-16
Biasi Riva Plus M90D.28SR System 41-970-09
Always refer to manufacturer's instructions.
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Part Type Washers & Gaskets

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