Altecnic Dirtmag iQ Dirt Separator & Magnetic Filter 28mm

Brand: Altecnic
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Manufacturer's Part No : 545303
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Altecnic Dirtmag iQ Dirt Separator & Magnetic Filter 28mm


The UK’s first triple action dirt and air separator to feature a revolutionary external magnet is being launched by Altecnic.

Designed to offer plumbers complete ease of installation and maintenance, Dirtmag IQ is the first of its kind to offer magnetic, non-magnetic and air removal in two simple steps.

Dirtmag IQ’s low-pressure chamber reduces the velocity of the heated water as it enters, while Altecnic’s unique Dirtsep® separates non-magnetic dirt and debris. Two high quality external neodymium magnets form an external MAGBELT® around the body which separates and captures circulating magnetic particles. During routine servicing, there is no need for isolation as plumbers simply unclip the MAGBELT® triggering magnetic particles to be released along with non-magnetic debris via a ¾” full bore discharge, leaving a clean and efficient system in seconds. During the second phase, trapped air can be quickly vented via Dirtmag IQ’s built in air vent.

Designed to complement Altecnic’s range of dirt and air separators, Dirtmag IQ is a technically advanced hybrid product offering installers the peace of mind of tried and tested brass connectors, combined with high grade and lightweight composite; eliminating the need to clip pipe work during installation.

Dirtmag IQ can be fitted horizontally or vertically and securely locks into position. Manufactured to the highest European standards, the brass union joint has a slip coupling to ensure ease of installation and a pre-compressed washer for a secure fit. Dirtmag IQ is also supplied with an installation tool and simple to follow installation instructions.

Triple Separation

Magnetic Dirt

High quality neodymium magnets positioned externally within the Magbelt and around the area of low pressure efficiently capture and trap any magnetic particles. Removal of these particles requires no need for isolation as the external Magbelt is easily removed; debris discharge is through a unique rotational 3/4” brass full bore valve.


Non Magnetic Dirt

Our unique internal DirtSep features a smart design that maximizes dirt particle separation.



Dirtmag IQ features a built in air valve that ensures any air in a system is collected and can be easily vented from the unit.

DirtMag IQ™ with built in air valve

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