Altecnic 22mm Dirtmag Compliance Pack Cleaner & Inhibitor

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Altecnic 22mm Dirtmag Compliance Pack Cleaner & Inhibitor

This pack includes the cleaner and inhibitor.

The inhibitor protects the system while the cleaner helps clear the system of all old debris, The valves allow isolation of system during service.

The Dirtmag IQ is the smart choice when it comes to efficient dirt and air separation from your heating or cooling system - with no need for isolation when servicing.

Installing Dirtmag IQ helps reduce energy consumption costs as well as system wear and tear to preserve and prolong the life of pumps and boilers.


How it works:

The Dirtmag IQ Prime separates debris particals down to 0.05 microns in size, as debris enters system velocity is reduced and debris collides with the dirst separator before falling into a collection chamber where two powerful neodymium magnets postioned in a external magbelt attract the magnet debris particals any non magnetic debris falls and collects in the bottom of the Dirtmag IQ Prime. Servicing can be done without the need for isolation, removing the external magbelt allows captured magnetic debris to drop to the bottom of the Dirtmag IQ Prime chamber, the key provided opens the 3/4" fullbore discharge valve enabling debris to be quickly flushed away. To re commision simply close the discharge valve and refit the external magbelt. The New Dirtmag IQ Prime supports air venting through a 1/2" manual air vent positioned on the top of the IQ body. 


Always refer to manufacturer's instructions.
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